About Us


Hi my name is Istvan "Steve" Diossy and I live in beautiful Vero Beach, FL. I've been an artist since about the ripe old age of 2 but I didn't start  getting paid until a few years later :P in 1994. My most recognized work to date is Florida’s best-selling “Protect Wild Dolphins” license plate. 

Ofishulz is an idea I thought of years ago while bar/reef hopping in Key West, FL and like the “Protect Wild Dolphins” plate, I love Ofishulz because of its bright use of colors and its focus on marine life. Also, there are so many characters in the sea and I simply have so much fun drawing them!

Cheers and Fishful Thinking!

-Istvan (Steve) Diossy



Your purchase of a PROTECT WILD DOLPHINS specialty license plate supports the rescue and rehabilitation of sick and injured dolphins, and important education and research initiatives that increase awareness about the need to protect wild dolphins and their threatened coastal habitats.

Show Off Your Florida Colors…and Make A Difference.


OFISHULZ Kind of Day by Chuck & Nimble