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Avernos was an ancient port once used by the Roman empire's naval fleet. 
It was so deep, that it was fabled to be an entrance to a mythic underworld ruled by "Hades" the unseen brother of Poseidon.
Throughout the centuries, writers and artists of all sorts from Virgil to Dante along with many others were inspired by Avernos and continued to create works associated with it's place and importance in ancient Roman mythology.
To us, Avernos represents the realm beneath the surface of the oceans, a true underworld inhabited by mysterious lifeforms and uncharted regions that even today captivate the imaginations of everyone, young and old alike.
With our trident symbol, we dedicate this line to all of those who live life with the salt and the power of the oceans coursing through their veins.


- A. Diossy
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