Performance Short Sleeve

Shoulders have it rough. They are the first part of any torso to burn in the sun, and boy, do they sting! The good news is, clothing can help you out! At Ofishulz, I have dedicated myself to providing clothing that captures the fantastic coastal lifestyle while providing practical benefits in any situation. That is why I offer short-sleeved UV protection shirts. These are the shirts that will protect your shoulders while leaving your arms open to the air. They are the perfect combination of coverage and freedom!

As you can see from my collection, each shirt features one of my carefully-painted artistic pieces. Depending on what you want, you can get a shirt that means business or is ready to let loose and relax. No matter which design you choose, you are guaranteed world-class printing quality along with extreme comfort and coverage. Each shirt is made of a microfiber performance fabric that wicks moisture away from your body and provides 30 UPF protection. This shirt will truly be your best friend, no matter what you are doing!

If you live on the coast, you lead a life that nobody inland can live. It makes sense that you should have a shirt that reflects the unique, vibrant community you enjoy. I have worked long and hard to provide fishing t shirt designs that truly express this unique lifestyle. I have  styles for men, women, and children. Not only that, I offer towels, framed art, and more. Express your love for our great coastal lifestyle with Ofishulz merchandise today!

As we are a growing business I want to ensure the same quality of work from my art goes into your products. Please allow 3-7 business days for processing. Your package will arrive approximately  2-3 business days after it ships. 

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